– Raw Materials : There are basically three raw materials that go in to manufacturing of Tube Skin,Thermocouple

– MI Cable and Tube Material : SS310, SS446, Inconel 600, Incoloy 800 etc. This tube is requiredin seamless form and as it goes under several reduction, quality of input tube has to be very good. In viewof this, tubes are procured only from established mills.

– Insulators : MgO is used as mineral insulation. The material is imported from a German company -Who are pioneers in this field worldwide. The purity is very important for long life of thermocouple. Weuse  over 99% pure MgO.

– Conductor : Type K in most cases, conductors are of virgin quality. The initial conductor calibration aswell as final calibration falls within half tolerance as a standard.



Sheath Materials Offered: SS446, Inconel 600/601, SS310 (Other materials on request)

Sheath Diameter: 12.7 mm (½”) Higher diameter on request

Thermocouple Types: ANSI Type K, J, E, N

Conductor Diameter: 1.ุ6 mm (nominal)

Sheath Thickness: 3.20 mm (nominal)

Insulation Material: Compact mass of MgO (99% min Purity)

Insulation Resistance: > 100 M Ohm @ 500VDC (Before grounding)

Calibration: ANSI MC 96.1 / IEC 584 (Special Tolerance)


Junction Type: Grounded, Knife Edge Wedge Type

Expansion Loop: Provided ex-factory (In accordance with customer requirement)