Silicon Carbide

99% SiCVery low porosity.  Excellent resistance to thermal shock, corrosion and abrasion at high temperatures.  Recommended for use in oxidizing and reducing atmospheres up to 1,650℃. but attacked by water vapour.

Thermocouple is the combination of a precious metal such as Platinum and Rhodium alloy with Non-Metallic materials such asalumina and ceramic which can withstand a high temperature. It is mainly used in a furnace, Kilns, and a production line of glass andceramic. 

Element: Type R (87% Pt-13% Rh / Pt), Type S (90% Pt-10% Rh / Pt), Type B (70% Pt-30% Rh / 94% Pt-6% Rh), Type K

Accuracy”K” Type : 0.4%,   0.75%”R”, “S” Type : 0.25%”B” Type : 0.5%

Head material ALDC (Standard)